100% Self-Funded Vision Plans

What it is-
It's a new way to look at vision plans.

Why it works-
The Elect Vision Plan™...shows the employer how it can lower the cost of its vision plan by using our concept. Statistics show that as many as 40% of covered members don't even use their vision plan on a yearly basis.

Why pay for benefits your employees don’t use? Elect Vision™ puts the employer in control of the cost of their vision benefit plan.

BEN-E-LECT provides the state of the art administration system which allows employers to put their trust and assurance in this cost efficient plan.

How it works-
Benefit design... BEN-E-LECT suggests you mirror (copy) your current plan design, but you are free to design the plan to best fit your employee’s needs.

It's your plan and it's your money so with the Elect Vision Plan™ you can customize the benefits and let BEN-E-LECT handle the rest.