Welcome, to BEN-E-LECT's Medical Plans. For Employers with 2 or more employees and Brokers, the buttons above will provide you with more than enough information and examples to understand and feel comfortable with BEN-E-LECT and its solutions for the rising cost of healthcare. But before you 'click' on...

Did you know that 50-70% of any group (including yours) will use very little if any health care in any given year? This means that employers are paying these rising premiums for co-pay or HMO plans that 50-70% of its group never uses. You can change that!

Every one knows that Employers are the ones paying most of the cost of group medical plans and therefore BEN-E-LECT believes that employers should drive the benefit plan not members, patients, providers or insurance companies.

The Employer is actually the consumer. That is why BEN-E-LECT refers to its plans as Employer Driven Health plans and enrolled the first employer on an EDHP July 1, 1996.

From this page you can discover:
Why It Works and How It works
Look at real proposals and schedules of benefits
Review actual group financial results
Access our Quoting System or Provider Locator
Select Sample Proposal, Marketing materials and Forms

In addition to turnkey administration that integrates an Rx card into every HDHP,
BEN-E-LECT provides a proposal system unlike anything in the industry. It gives you access to the most prominent carriers and PPO networks in your area with detailed a side by side comparisons reflecting the premium, deductible, risk per unit, projected claims, worst case scenario, and projected savings all on a single sheet of paper.

BEN-E-LECT's goal is to lower the Employer's cost while maintaining the employees benefits. Please 'point & click' on to learn how BEN-E-LECT will work for you!