Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

HSAs are one of the most popular concepts in the health insurance market. The goal is to make health insurance more affordable by allowing consumers to save money in a tax-free account to pay for health care costs.

Benelect has partnered with HSA Bank - the National Leader in Health Savings Accounts - to facilitate account setup with discounted rates.

Offering HSAs as an option within your BEN-E-LECT concept is what will allow you to remain ahead of the market.

On the left, you will find additional resources which will be helpful whether you sell for or against HSA plans.  One item you may want to check out is our HSA vs. HRA comparisons.  The comparison shows a traditional plan alongside an HSA with & without employer funding and an HRA with expected claims.  The second comparison reflects the HRA with the maximum amount of claims which could be used.  You will see that offering the HSA alone may not be the best option for savings or benefits.

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