How it Works

Rather than wasting premium dollars on unused coverage, employers are free to use those dollars on employee claims if the claims actually occur.

How is the Plan able to reduce cost so much?

  • BEN-E-LECT assists employers in purchasing group plans with higher deductibles, but lower premiums than they would otherwise buy.
  • Employers then use part of the huge premium savings to provide benefits to employees, for charges applied to the carrier high deductible, if and when the benefits are actually used.

How it works:

  • The employer enrolls in a high-deductible plan offered by one of the states largest insurers with BEN-E-LECT's assistance.
  • Employer pays for employee claims applied to the carrier high deductible.
  • BEN-E-LECT pays for employee claims applied to the carrier high deductible on behalf of the employer.
  • The employee gets a normal plan
    • Office visit co-pays
    • Prescription co-pays
    • Coinsurance
  • Providers always submit claims to carrier first.
  •  BEN-E-LECT becomes the service center for employers, employees, agent and providers.