History of BEN-E-LECT

 The history and evolution of BEN-E-LECT...

1987 - BEN-E-LECT became incorporated

1996 - Mark Reynolds purchased BEN-E-LECT and developed the Max 105 marketing plan. 
             Mark continued retail sales with 43 Max 105 group medical cases sold.

1997 - BEN-E-LECT decided to market through brokers rather than direct to employers.

2000 - The BEN-E-LECT pharmacy program was developed and BEN-E-LECT hit 500 sold
             group medical cases.

2001 - Our claims and administration system was enhanced and the concept of Employer Driven
             Health Plans™ was trademarked.

2002 - 1000 group medical cases sold!  We also experienced carrier resistance to EDHPs for the first time.

2003 - Carriers who embraced the EDHP™ concept came to light.  BEN-E-LECT created the first 
             web based EDHP™ Quoting System.  Fresno Chamber joined the BEN-E-LECT Plan which would
             eventually lead to the creation of our Chamber Affinity Program™.

2004 - 8 carriers; 18 plans and more to come as more carriers embrace the concept.  BEN-E-LECT
             expanded EDHPs to Arizona, Colorado and Nevada.

2006 - Due to increased popularity of Consumer Driven Health Plans and HSAs, BEN-E-LECT
             established a partnership with HSA Bank allowing for fee discounts.  Also created a
             relationship with HealthConnect Systems for increased visibility in celebration of 10
             years in business.

2007 - BEN-E-LECT announced it's BENNY Card® Debit Card, Allied National,
             Employer Driven Dental Plans™ and wrote its second chamber group,
             the San Francisco Chamber.

2008 - American Series Plans™ is announced.  These plans include fully insured,
            high deductible and fully self-funded dental plans.  Freedom Dental™ which 
            allows 10 plan options within one group is now available and more chambers endorse
            the EDHP™ concept for a total of 35 endorsed chambers.  BEN-E-LECT acquires
            Affiliate HealthCare and we begin to see carriers mimic the BEN-E-LECT EDHP™ model.

2009 - We see new EDHPs from carriers such as Anthem, Blue Shield, HealthNet and Kaiser. 
             BEN-E-LECT introduces its fully insured Eagle Vision™ plan and its Group Term
             Life and AD&D products through Madison National Life Plans.  We now have more than
             50 chambers in the Chamber Affinity Program™.

2010 - Began development of the Empowr™ Web Portal, introduced our EOB Concierge Service™,
             created new EDHP™ Plans for 51+, announced our new Payroll Product; One Point Human
             Capital Management™, and began the rollout of California's newest small group EDHP™
             health plans provided by BEN-E-LECT.

2011 - Introduced Independence American Insurance Company plans for the small group and our new
            product for the 51+ market through Fidelity Security Life.  We also revamped the Freedom Dental
            portfolio of products.

2012 - We were able to introduce Empowr® to our clients, rolled Telemedicine into our EDHP™  plan and
             began work on new plans for California's small group market through our partnership with IHC.
             More to come...