EOB Concierge Service

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EOB Concierge Service™

The EOB Concierge Service™ allows BEN‐E‐LECT to retrieve your carrier Explanation of Benefits (EOB) electronically so you don’t have to think about it. 

In order to register, you just need to visit your personal Online Web Portal at www.yourbenportal.com, select Check Your Benefits and then scroll down the center column to the EOB Concierge "New Enrollment" button.  Please note, if you have not visited your web portal yet, you will need to register and login in order to sign up for the Concierge Service.

If you are a member with one of our EDHP Portfolio plans to include, MEC, MEC+, MEC Value, MVP or Stop Loss, you do not need the EOB Concierge Service™ because your claims already come to BEN-E-LECT.  The EOB Concierge Service™ works with most major carriers.

Summary of Instructions:

  1. Visit your carrier’s website and follow the instructions for member registration. An email address is required for registration. You can open a free email account using gmail, yahoo or hotmailNOTE: YOUR CARRIER WEBSITE REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOU ARE ABLE TO LOGIN TO THE CARRIER WEBSITE AND VIEW YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS.
  2. Fill in your user name and password on www.yourbenportal.com and submit for processing. Please note, your user name and password must be entered exactly as you entered it into the carrier’s website. This includes upper case, lower case, numerals and/or symbols.
  3. Sit back and enjoy your plan while we gather the Explanation of Benefits on your behalf.

How it Works:
The EOB Concierge Service™ will retrieve your EOB's from the carrier website and submit them to our claims processors for immediate attention. If, at any time, you make changes to your carrier login information, you will need to provide the updated information to BEN-E-LECT so we can continue to retrieve your claims. You can submit these changes by calling Customer Service at 1-888-886-7973 or submit a new registration form (via www.benelect.com) with the updated information. Due to privacy regulations, if you have primary and secondary coverage, a separate form must be completed for each plan.

Submission of the form is not a guarantee of coverage. By registering you acknowledge that enrollment in the EOB Concierge Service™ is voluntary and may be cancelled at any time. You authorize BEN‐E‐LECT to receive your protected health information in order to assist in the processing of your claims. All information will be kept confidential and will not be sold or distributed to any other party including your employer, broker and/or dependents.