No one gets excited about dental plans. They don't cost very much compared to medical plans and the benefits are set very low by the insurance companies. Right?

BEN-E-LECT can show you how to lower the cost of a traditional (boring) dental plan by 20-40% while improving benefits? Interested yet?

That's right. BEN-E-LECT continues to show you how to reduce premium while increasing benefits through our American Series of Dental Plans™. 

The American Series™ includes:

  • Freedom Dental Plans™
    ♦ A fully-insured PPO dental product which gives the employer 10 plan options from which to choose a base and allow the employees to buy up from there.  Two
       out of network options and the choice of PPO networks.  This truly is freedom!
  • Freedom Pre-Paid DHMO
    ♦ The plan for those who want the lowest premium available with rich benefits.  Powered by Western Dental, our DHMO is the King of all DHMO plans.
  • Fully Self-Funded Dental
    ♦ An excellent option for employers who understand utilization and want to eliminate unnecessary plan premiums.  No carrier premium and the option to pay for claims only when they occur create the atmosphere for extreme savings!