Debit Card - Why It Works

Why does the Benny Card work?
Why do you want to give employees quick and easy access to the benefits you, the employer, provide? The answer is simple: you want to help your employees by giving them the best benefits with the easiest access to those benefits. The Benny Card is the premier debit card for employers wanting their employees to have the best benefits with easy access. But with easy access you need to be cautious about how and where the card is used. BEN-E-LECT has taken a cautious and carefully thought-out approach to this issue.

Where is the Benny Card accepted?
The Benny Card is only accepted at eligible medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision outlets. We are able to do this because every merchant has a Merchant Category Code (MCC) assigned to him or her. In many cases a provider has multiple MCCs throughout their organization. This allows        BEN-E-LECT to allow only certain MCCs to be used with the Benny Card. MCCs do not completely solve the problem though. An employee can purchase a prescription and toiletries at a Target or a Rite Aid. What prevents the employee from using the Benny Card for invalid purchases?

Substantiating Purchases
BEN-E-LECT cannot stop an employee from swiping a Benny Card for invalid purchases. And the IRS knows this. The IRS requires that all eligible charges be substantiated.
This means the charge needs to be reviewed by someone, and BEN-E-LECT is that someone. Your employees must mail, fax, or email all of their receipts and statement of charges to BEN-E-LECT monthly. We are able to monitor your employee's utilization and provide timely reports and notifications to you and the employee.

Our Benny Card is the best in the industry. Working together with you BEN-E-LECT will help provide easy access to benefits with as much security as possible.

Let the BEN-E-LECT Service Team help you get set up today!