Debit Card

Welcome to BEN-E-LECT's Benny Card.

Benny is the premier Debit card for employers that want employees to have the best benefits with the easiest access. BEN-E-LECT is cautious about how it promotes the use of Debit cards but for easy access the Benny card is unsurpassed in providing first dollar benefits. We will be cautious so you can be confident.

BEN-E-LECT monitors your employee's utilization with timely reports and notifications to help employers stay abreast of the cost and trends of their plans. BEN-E-LECT's sales team is the best in the business at assisting with plan design that help employers provide the benefits desired without the worry of employees walking around with the employer's 'credit card' in their pocket. Again, we will be cautious so you can be confident.