The administration of COBRA and CAL-COBRA benefits has become a very time consuming and often confusing issue for businesses of all sizes. The tracking of terminated employees, the time sensitive deliveries of the required notices, the tedious task of documentation, and the overall consistent administration required by the complex mandates of COBRA can become an overwhelming task.

In fact, the IRS estimates that over 90% of employers are out of compliance, risking fines up to $500,000 or 10% of their group health plan costs.

BEN-E-LECT is now offering comprehensive professional services designed to alleviate the burdensome task of COBRA administration to assist you in becoming COBRA compliant.

COBRA and CAL-COBRA Administrative Services
Many TPA's charge fees for each service performed in addition to their basic monthly fee for COBRA administrative services. We are confident you will agree the BEN-E-LECT approach to COBRA Administration can make a real difference for you and your clients.

Comparison of Compliance and Support Services Fees
BEN-E-LECT offers each of the following services for no addtional charge.

Customer Service
Our customer service department will answer any COBRA related questions your employees or their dependents may have, as well as respond to provider eligibility and coverage inquiries during the election period. If your organization would like more information on how BEN-E-LECT can help you meet your COBRA needs, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Cost to the Employer-Flat Fee Vs. Fee for Service
Rather than the fee for service type of billing charged by most companies, the charge for BEN-E-LECT COBRA/CAL-COBRA administration is a monthly flat fee per employee enrolled in your current health benefit program.

Set-up Fee: $250.00 (waived for current BEN-E-LECT clients)

BEN-E-LECT COBRA Full Service Administration
BEN-E-LECT COBRA Standard Administration
January 2010 COBRA Update