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The BEN-E-LECT Story

BEN-E-LECT had been showing employers how to save 30-50% in the cost of health care since 1996.

The simple fact is that premiums had been, and still are going up all over the country by double digits and managed care is not going to reduce those increases.  The only option a business owner has presently to avoid the premium increases is to strip out benefits.  BEN-E-LECT presented another option; an employer has the opportunity to reduce its cost without lowering benefits.  Thounsands of employers have learned how to pay for their health plan in a slightly different fashion.

BEN-E-LECT clients were acquired by Employer Driven Insurance Services, Inc. as of June 1, 2018, who will keep the concept alive.  E.D.I.S. is a newer TPA, but has all the years of BEN-E-LECT knowledge behind it with the staff.  Please visit www.employerdriven.com for more information.